Pup Start


Puppyhood is a critical time in your dog’s life when you are building a bond with your new pet, so it’s important to have regular interaction and consistent instruction.  Leaving your puppy alone for a whole work day can be a recipe for disaster and may impede your housebreaking goals.  A bored puppy may become destructive and develop separation anxiety.

During puppy visits, we provide feedings, indoor and safe outdoor exercise, a potty break and lots of cuddles and love, as well as some basic puppy manners such as “sit” for treats and starting to establish good recall or “come”.

Once your puppy is ready for “big dog” group walks, he will slowly be integrated into the pack after his last set of vaccinations.

Pricing starts at $15.00 per visit. Call 778 838 3480 for detailed quote and more information.