Group Walks

From the beach to the trails, we hike, swim, romp and play. Your dog will be picked up in our van that’s stocked with fresh water and treats, all to ensure that they have the best time in the great outdoors and come home a tired, happy dog.  As always, safety is our priority.

A one or two hour adventure hike is a healthy way for your pet to develop social skills through regular interaction with a variety of different dogs in a controlled and safe environment.

Dogs that are stimulated by regular and engaging exercise are happier, fitter and nicer to be around. Lack of daily exercise can lead to depression, poor health and bad behaviour, leaving you and your dog feeling frustrated. No Bad Days Dogs Services is the perfect solution — providing both you and your pet with a wide variety of services.

All of our walks take advantage of the beautiful trails, and ocean and lake beaches in the Tri-Cities area.

For our safety and protection, as well as your dog and the public, there will be Zero Tolerance Policy in effect regarding aggressive or disruptive behaviour.


Pay as you go                                                           $30.00

Prepaid Package of 10 walks                             $287.00



Pay as you go                                                           $20.00

Prepaid Package of 10 walks                             $187.00