Here are some questions people like to ask:

What can an adventure hike do for my dog?

From the largest of Great Danes to the tiniest of Chihuahuas, your dog can reap the countless benefits from regular dog walking.

Dogs are active and social creatures by nature. By establishing a daily dog walking routine, you give your dog the chance to channel this energy in a very positive way. Active dogs are generally happy, well-adjusted dogs. Many times, just simply showing a dog his leash will send him into a frenzy of excitement. And, trying to contain that enthusiasm is next to impossible.

There are many physical benefits for your dog. Obviously, walking is a great form of exercise that improves blood flow to the heart and oxygen to the lungs, builds strong muscles, increases joint mobility, increases energy levels and helps control weight. The list goes on and on…

But, dog walking also has many emotional benefits that are often overlooked. It provides mental stimulation, social interaction, and positive reinforcement. It can also build self confidence, decrease behavioural issues and improve a dog’s mood.

And you come home to a dog that is more relaxed, contented and better behaved: a tired dog is a good dog.

I have a small dog: will she be ok with the other dogs on an adventure forest walk?

The No Bad Days Dogs pack consists of dogs of all shapes and sizes.  The dogs are always given something to focus on and are encouraged to form a pack and work as a team.

How are the dogs transported?

Our van is fully air-conditioned and has darkened windows all round.  It has been modified specifically for the comfort and security of the dogs.

How many dogs are walked at the same time?

At No Bad Days Dogs, we keep our pack size small (a maximum of 8 dogs) to meet the needs of each dog and to help create a happy balanced energy throughout the pack.  Too many dogs can be difficult to control and can create a nervous energy in the pack causing problems between individual dogs.

You were recommended to me – can you really help dogs with certain behavioural problems?

The majority of problems that we encounter with our pets, especially with city living, are due to frustration and built up energy.  Meeting a dog’s basic needs, in particular physical exertion and something to focus on, is the key to tackling these kinds of problems.  The No Bad Days Dogs adventure hikes are designed specifically to meet all the basic needs of every dog.

Using positive dog training techniques, we reinforce good dog manners and pack rules – your dog won’t have to second guess what is expected of them.

Will my dog come home very wet and dirty?

Running in the forest, the dogs can get dirty; in the rain, they will get wet; and in the summer they spend time cooling off in the lakes or rivers.  We plan the walks according to the weather and in poor weather conditions there are areas that will be avoided.  No Bad Days Dogs does its best to ensure that the dogs return home in a reasonable state.


No Bad Days Dog Services is located in Coquitlam and our services are avaiable in the TriCities area (Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam).

Our business hours are Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please give us a call or drop us an email to discuss the needs for your “fur kid”.

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