Clients Are Talking

No Bad Days Dog Services is very proud of the services we provide our clients, and our clients feel the same way.  Here’s what some have to say:


My pup Brodi, like most family pets, is more than just a pet to me. He is the light of my life and a big part of my family. I unfortunately work a variety of shifts and on those busy days getting in a usual 2 hour workout for Brodi doesn’t always happen. However, I discovered that he absolutely adores his “Auntie Pat” and loves his adventures with all his pals at No Bad Days Dog Services. Brodi loves hiking and exploring the trails; he also loves playing with other pups, and I have seen such a fantastic improvement with his social skills when we hit the trails together, and this makes me feel very confident in my decision to choose Pat as his dog walker. He comes back from his walks extremely satisfied and ready to nap the afternoon away. I know he is in good hands with Pat every time he goes out. I trust that she takes care of my pup and I can tell she loves all the members of her pack and takes excellent care of them. I know I never have to worry about Brodi when it’s a walk day because he is in excellent hands. I would suggest that if you are on the hunt for a great, affordable, reliable and trustworthy dog walker that you give No Bad Days Dog Services a serious consideration — it will be one of the best decisions you make for your furry family member.  — Kristie MacLennan, Coquitlam, BC

When I asked Brodi what he thought about his adventures his response was “Woof! Woof! Slobber…Woof!” which loosely translated means “Thank you for all my awesome walks Auntie Pat”  — Brodi, Labrador Cross



Our best buddy Benjamin loves his walks with Patricia of No Bad Days Dog Services and especially enjoys the care, love and attention he receives from her. We trust Patricia implicitly with our pet and know that she treats him as if he were her own. Patricia has gone above and beyond to ensure Benjamin’s  safety and enjoyment during his outings and even dropped him off at our local dog groomer one day after a smelly incident with a rotting river salmon.  We can’t recommend No Bad Days Dog Services enough and have been extremely happy with the professionalism and quality service we’ve come to appreciate.

— Adam Foster/Sharon Bruyere, Port Moody, BC





“My dog is my child so when it came to finding a suitable dog walker I was looking for someone I could trust to love and care for my dog the way I do.  Pat at No Bad Days Dog Service continues to exceed my expectations. Her knowledge of everything canine is remarkable. She doesn’t just walk Vijja, she gets to know her personality, her likes and dislikes. Pat invests interest, time and love. I can be assured that Vijja gets more than her fair share of a work out each day. Vijja comes back happy, tired and content. What more could a dog owner want?”

— Ashton Lauren, Coquitlam, BC





“Near the end of my pregnancy, it had become very difficult to take Marlan and Riggs on the long hikes that we were used to.  Since my husband was working out of town at the time, it was time to start looking for a walking service. I really wanted to find someone who would take my dogs on real, off-leash hikes, not just boring neighborhood walks.  That’s when I decided to call Pat, and I am so glad I did!  Marlan and Riggs absolutely LOVE her!! They sit and wait by the door on their walk days and are so excited to go with her when she comes! They are exhausted when they get home, which is great for me because life can be busy with a new baby in the house. I love No Bad Days Dogs because I know that my two fur-babies are getting the same exercise and attention that I or my husband would be giving them ourselves, and that means a lot!”   

– Jaime Palmer-Hague, Port Coquitlam, BC




“I’ve been using No Bad Days Dog Services for about a year now and couldn’t be happier.  Pat provides an excellent & reliable service which includes a convenient home pick up & drop off.  It’s beyond helpful when I’m too busy to walk them (or it’s raining…ugh!) – AND, did I mention, reasonably priced!  My dogs LOVE her and I notice that she has good control over the dogs at all times.  This is always a concern for me, as one of my dogs can be a bit high-strung and unpredictable but Pat remains calm and manages him in a kind and disciplined manner.  I refer Pat’s services to everyone I meet at doggie-parks and she gets a rating of “two-paws up” from us!!”

— Laurie Newton, Coquitlam



“When I first got Stanley, he was the most timid, shy puppy I have ever had.   Thanks to Pat and the amazing group walks, and the one on one time she does with Stanley, he has completely come out of his shell and is now quite the social butterfly. He loves his group walks and all the friends he has made in the process and he just loves Pat. I couldn’t be any happier with No Bad Days Dog Services.  Pat goes above and beyond and doesn’t just take Stanley for a walk, she interacts with him and gets to know him as if he was her own.  She is so knowledgeable and is always there to answer any of my questions and has given me so many helpful tips to use. Pat puts her heart and soul into what she does, and it shows. I would recommend No Bad Days Dog Services to anyone!!”

— Ashlee John, Coquitlam, BC